Families are the smallest kind of community. They are also the most beautiful! Each is precious and special in its own ways, and we seek to bring out all of the unique qualities of each family through photographs. 

We are Saehee Lee and Soohyun Kim, and we have been married since 2009 and blessed with two sons of our own. We know firsthand the joys and challenges of building a family, and just how meaningful beautiful photos taken at different stages of life can be. At Chicago Baby, we strive to provide your family with images and portraits that you can treasure for years. We recognize that families come from all walks of life, and that no family is exactly the same as another. Our goal is to give you an experience at our studio that is unique and personal, just like your family.

We especially believe that children have a special place within the family structure. As they journey into life, their family is there every step of the way, to guide and nurture them. We believe in capturing the innocence and beauty that each newborn has as they begin their life, and celebrations such as a newborn’s 100th day since birth or a first birthday are moments that deserve to be cherished. 

Chicago Baby has over 2,300 square feet of studio space and offers 10 different studio sets for you and your family to choose from. Our services include, but are not limited to: photo sessions for newborns, 100th day photos, first birthday photo shoots and family portraits. We also provide different props and outfits at the studio, so there is no need for you to prepare anything. Just come on in and let us take care of the rest!

We are thankful for each and every opportunity where we are able to help families celebrate their loved ones. We can't wait to hear the story of your family and record memories for you to treasure.